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Prenzel Natural Statement

Keeping it natural with Prenzel

The Prenzel mission is to supply a wide customer base with a range of high quality products and service that contribute to their enjoyment of life: relaxed fun, happy social interaction and “good health”.

To our mind, “good health” means natural. We at Prenzel go to great lengths to avoid synthetic and man-made ingredients. In our recipes we try to adhere as closely as possible to the original and natural state of the ingredients. As a consequence of our policy, you will find some of our products my lack the visual “polished perfection” of similar products on the market. You may find oil rings around the neck of a bottle, cloudiness in the cooking oils, ingredients that, over time, separate out until shaken, natural colours that are muted rather than synthetically brilliant. All of these “imperfections” contribute to your ultimate enjoyment.

Others may beat us on looks – but no one beats us on taste!

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